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Eat The Fruit And Know Me

I am Azura Rose, gothic companion and model. Don't let my aesthetic fool you, I'm spooky and sweet like Halloween candy. I strive to create space that is compassionate and welcoming, and my passion is connecting with people both through my art and one on one. I believe it's important to see beauty everywhere, including in the darkness.

For those interested in supporting my artistic side, let me inspire Lust of the Eyes or get a tease by seeing the Idolatry in my portfolio.


If you are in Toronto and in need of my brand of gentle, genuine companionship, give in to the Lust Of The Flesh. Be sure to take a look at the Sins I'm comfortable with committing together!


If you'd like to visit me, ask my input for a project, or to hire me as a model or performer, contact me and I'll see what I can do. Also on my contact page are my other online links, including Twitch and Youtube if you'd prefer something chill!

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